Abstract: Rainbow Selebensis, Telmatherina celebensis of endemic fish in Matano Lake South Sulawesi needs protected from intensively capture and the fish were conducted domesticating. The objectives of this study were to know of maturity levels, gonad maturity index and fecundity. The research was conducted since January to December 2006. The sample was collected every month. Higher of maturity level III and IV in June and October. Gonad maturity index is high of male were found in June 0,756% and October 0,77% and female were found in June 2,682% and October 2,588%. The fecundity ranged between 297-1265 in total length range 62,3-86,4 mm. Spawning peak of the fish occured on June and October.

Keyword: Tematherina ceiebensis, reproduction, Matano lake

Penulis: Jayadi, Rimal Hamal &Arifuddin

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