Abstract: The study aims to find out condition of soil quality in brackishwater ponds in Mangara Bombang Sub-district, Takalar Regency where the center for brackishwater farming development is built.  Soil quality sampling used as the main requirements for brackishwater shrimp farming parameter consist of soil texture, pH, organic matter, nutrients and pyrite content. Supporting soil quality parameters in brackishwater shrimp farming are pHFOX, KTK, Cation (K, Ca, Na, and Mg), TSA, TAA, and redox.  Sampling is then analyzed in laboratory to find out condition of soil parameters in brackishwater areas, Mangara Bombang coastal areas.  Calculation of soil quality including pHFOX, KTK, Cation (K, Ca, Na, and Mg), TSA, TAA, and redox aims to find out eligibility for brackishwater shrimp farming. The findings indicate that in general, brackishwater soil quality in Mangara Bombang coastal areas, Takalar Regency is at the eligible limits, or the soil is capable of promoting brackishwater shrimp farming.

Penulis: Muhammad Kasnir, Harlina Harlina, Jayadi Jayadi

Artikel ini telah dipublikasikan pada jurnal internasional Macrothink Institute Journal of Environment and Ecology ISSN 2157-6092, Vol 5, No 2 (2014).

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