Keywords: Region, Traffic, Integrated, Coordinated

Penulis: Lambang Basri Said, Rani Bastari Alkam

Artikel ini telah diterbitkan pada prosiding konferensi internasional Transportasi, Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies, Vietnam 2017, ISSN: 1881-1132 (print).

Central Region Urban Development will have a direct impact on the movement of traffic on the existing road network system and would cause traffic generation and attraction of the region. Traffic Impact Assessment is analysis of land-use development influence on the movement of traffic flow system which can lead to generation of new traffic. In each space activities will generate movement and pull movement whose intensity will depend on the type of land use. This study was designed in three (3) years. The first year focused on establishing Kamseltibcarlantas region and optimizing the street function in the area and the possibility of applying one direction systems management. The second year will focus on the intersection of control and canalization of the various openings in the median. And the third year will be implemented a control system Integrated and Coordinated Area Management of Makassar on the use of perspective until 2025.

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