UMI Makassar – Medical Assistance Team 110 of Faculty of Medicine of Universitas Muslim Indonesia (TBM FK – UM) mobilizes volunteers to descend directly assist the handling of earthquake victims in Aceh.

An earthquake with a magnitude of 6.4 SR, toppled buildings and caused deaths and injuries.

“TBM 110 to assist the government in handling the initial, i.e., evacuation of victims buried and found injuries to emergency aid, including first aid,” said Muhammad Ishraqi as the chairman of the TBM 110 FK – UMI.

According to Ishraqi, his team has prepared first volunteers to deal with refugees, such as those suffering from trauma healing. It is a humanitarian mission and will directly carry out the task of a volunteer.

“After arriving there, we directly mingle with other volunteers and direct the means for bathing, washing, and toilet (MKC) also maintain the health and hygiene of victims displaced by the earthquake in Aceh,” he said.

(Humas UMI)