This study aims to clarify some key issues related to the interaction among the stakeholders, particularly regarding the sustainable management of the coastal resources in Makassar, namely: (1) the reclamation of Losari Beach as observed from the cooperation aspect among the stakeholders, and (2) the action to the groups that do not build cooperation. The method used is qualitative with phenomenological approach. Qualitative study aims to understand a phenomenon in the social context naturally by prioritizing the process of in-depth communication interaction between researchers and the observed phenomenon (Moleong, 2004). The technique of collecting and processing data in this study was conducted in various forms, such as through observation and interviews as the primary data, while secondary data was obtained from relevant institutions. The results of this study indicate that the form of interaction that is built from the stakeholders group in management of the coastal resources Makassar city, can be divided into two kinds, namely cooperation and competition. In this case, the cooperation is built by the government and private parties (stakeholder groups) in the management of coastal resources through cooperation among the relevant parties which propose principles: relevance, diversity, usefulness, harmony and sustainability. While competition or conflict of stakeholders or stakeholder groups can be divided into two kinds, namely competition in the positive sense in which individuals or groups achieve the predetermined objective with the management of coastal resources. This can be used as a reference or motivation for individual or group in the management of regional resources coastal city of Makassar. In addition, competition in a negative sense is where individuals or groups achieve the goal which has been predetermined through unethical way. Thus, individuals / other groups feel to be rivaled or even more, it is possible to be an enemy of society.

Keywords: interaction, interest groups, coastal resources, reclamation

Penulis: M. Saiful Saleh, Abd. Hakim, Sukoso, Andi Tamsil

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