The Majelis Talim, a women group for religious meeting purposes, of Universitas Muslim Indonesia invited Dr. dr. H. Nasrudin Andi Mappeware, Sp.OG.,to deliver a talk under the theme“Reproductive Health from Islamic Perspective”. The Speaker is an obstetrician and currently working as the Vice Dean 1 of Medical Sciences Faculty.

Dr. Nas, people call him, delivered his talk by focusing on the role of a mother to educate their daughter about menstruation cycle which is closely related to their worship.

dr. Nas who is also the alumni of Faculty of Medical Sciences of  UMI stressed the greatness of Allah SWT in looking after a woman as a mother in giving birth and cleaning themselves with the monthly cycles.

Also, he said that the Islamic Jurisprudence of menstruation blood can be found in Surah Al Baqarah Verse 222, explained that the blood is dirt. Therefore you should distance yourself (not having sex) from your wife during the menstruation period; and do not fulfil your sexual desire until they finish their period. He then explained that Allah SWT has explained to us on the menstruation issues through the Qur’an for example in Surah Al Hijr Verse 26, An Nisa Verse 1, Al Araf verse 189, which inform us about women and reproduction.