On Monday, January 13 th, 2020 at Headquarter of PT Pupuk Kalimantan Timur (PKT) Bontang, three types of signatory agreements were signed between Universitas Muslim Indonesia (UMI) and PT. Pupuk Kaltim.

The signatory of agreement charters in Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between PT PKT and UMI on academic, research, and community service sectors. The MoU was the chief of the Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) between PT. PKT and Faculty of Technological Industry UMI. The last signatory has signed the Cooperation Agreement (PKS) between PT PKT and FTI UMI in the implementation of the engineer profession program for PT PKT employees at FTI UMI. The signatory of MoU, MoA and PKS were conducted by Production Director PT PKT, Ir. Bagya Sugihartana, IPM., ASEAN Eng. and Dean of FTI UMI Dr. Ir. H. Zakir Sabara HW, ST., MT., IPM.,
ASEAN Eng. witnessed by Central Executive Director PII, Ir. Faisal Safa, M.Sc., ASEAN Eng.

Bagya Sugihartana and Faisal Safa appreciated PSPPI FTI UMI in performing the breakthrough conducting of the engineer profession program cooperated with industry based on national, regional and international competency.

Zakir Sabara sent the warmest gratitude on the reliance on PT PKT for sending the staff to join the engineer profession program at FTI UMI. Furthermore, Zakir said that FTI will ensure that the participant of PSPPI achieves the professional engineer degree, ASEAN Eng an STRI.

Through the cooperation, FTI UMI was ready to collaborate with PT PKT to develop Oleokimia Research Center in Indonesia. FTI UMI highly appreciates the concern of PT PKT to expand the development of resources to achieve the advancement of technology in Indonesia, especially in the East Indonesia Region. It was fit to the spirit of #FTIUMIKEREN: Sharing is Caring.

The event was attended by General Manager, such as GM Teknik Hery Sugbagio, GM SDM Jojok Wido & GM Umum Nur Sahid and from FTI UMI, Vice-dean 1, 1 Ir. Setyawati Yani, ST., MT., Ph.D., IPM., ASEAN Eng, Chairperson PPI Ir. Andi Pawennari, MT., IPU., ASEAN Eng. And Secretary, Ir. Taufik Nur, ST., MT., IPM., ASEAN Eng.