The north coastal area of Makassar which includes 4 districts is a strategic region in Makassar, namely Untia, Bira, Parangloe, and Tallo. The villagers’’ activities put pressure on the sustainability of mangrove forests that could cause tidal flooding, large waves, pond damage and destruction of the residential areas due to high winds. This study was conducted to determine the issues, conditions, and problems related to mangrove forests in the north coastal area of Makassar. This study was expected to give a recommended strategies related to the mangrove forest management mitigation due to sea level rise. The research method of this was descriptive and quantitative by using geographic information systems, mangrove ecosystem analysis contemporary conditions and Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, Threat (SWOT) analysis. From this research, it was noted that the degradation of mangrove ecosystem and the rising of sea levels is caused by human activity, environmental condition and quality. The occurrence of sea level rise resulted in tidal flooding, high waves and strong winds with rare intensity; the categories of losses are still small. The recommended strategy for mangrove management is Diversification Strategy or Mobilization Strategy, means the activity of the program is in stable condition (solid and fortune). However, there will be a number of severe challenges and it will be difficult to face the threats when it is solely based on the previous strategies that have been used before. If so, organizations are advised to immediately reproduce a variety of tactical strategy. The proposed alternative program management of mangrove ecosystem in the north coastal area of Makassar is based on the damaged condition of the ecosystem and the indication of the damage which in the form of rehabilitation, maintaining and developing the potential of the available mangrove as a basis to manage the conservation and to enhance the role of the government, society, NGO, and private sector through public socialization, training and educating about the importance of mangrove forests function.

Keywords: Strategy, Mangrove, Mitigation, North coast, Makassar

Penulis: Abd. Rahman Bando, Marsoedi, Adi Susilo, Andi Tamsil

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