Makassar, – The Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB), Universitas Muslim Indonesia (UMI) held a virtual meeting to celebrate the achievement of the Center for Publishing and Scientific Publication, Wednesday (17/2/2021).

The virtual celebration was attended by the Rector Prof. Dr. H. Basri Modding, S.E., M.Si., Dean of FEB Prof. Dr. H. Mahfud nurnajamuddin, S.E., M.M. and the lecturers of FEB UMI.

The accredited journals :

  1. Attestation: Scientific Journal of Accounting, SINTA 2
  2. JMB (Journal of Business Management), SINTA 3
  3. JER (Journal of Economic Resource), SINTA 4
    Meanwhile, the proposed journals to be accredited:
  4. Paradox: Journal of Economics
    CESJ (Center of Economic Student Journal)
  5. JPBU (Bina Ukhuwah Service Journal)
  6. Restitution: Taxation Research Journal

Rector of UMI Prof. Basri Modding in his speech appreciated the journals that has been accredited. “Congratulations to the Dean and his staff for the success of carrying out various innovations. The existence of the accredited journal is certainly a credit for the faculty” said Prof. Basri Modding.

In the future, said Prof. Basri Modding, we have to be dynamic and innovative. “Afterwards everyone has to work improve the journals in partnership in Bestari” said the former Director of PPs UMI 2 for that period.

In addition, continued Prof. Basri Modding, in today’s era there are three main things that we must do. First, we must change and adapt, secondly, we must innovate and move, thirdly, we have to collaborate. “Those three things should be applied the journal organization, to be specific the cooperation with Bestari should be maintained” he said.

Prof. Basri Modding also suggested that these journals should be profit center and nationally well known.

“Because this is a celebration event, we should be grateful the advancement of FEB, we hope this faculty continue to get advanced, to move, to adapt and to innovate” concluded the Professor of the Faculty of Economics and Business UMI.

Meanwhile, the Dean of FEB UMI congratulated the Center for Publishing and Scientific Publications for the SINTA accreditation. “This is a wonderful achievement for both FEB and the university” he said.

Therefore, we hope that the management of this journal must be improved and developed “We will continue to improve the quality and hope the rank will get better in the future,” he said.