Abstract: Transportation models for material distribution are a method to organize the transportation process of a product (material) from various sources to provide product (materials) to various destinations (project site). This distribution is done to fulfil request from several destinations that can be filled from several materials sources (Quarry) where each has different needs and availability. The model purpose is to organize transportation process to minimize distribution costs. In simple terms, the model tries to determine a transportation plan of product (material) from a number of sources to several destinations to minimize distribution cost. The methods used in this research is Northwest Corner Rule (NWC) to know at this stage whether the composition already minimum by using Multipliers Method. If it does not reach the minimum charge then continued with loop construction methods. The results shows that application of Transportation model from three material sources to three destination location, i.e. along Jana’-Dongi road, Tana Jaya–Sondra road, and Kalimassang–Sawere road, can minimize the distribution costs of material with an average decline of 3,57% from previous value.

Keywords: Transport, Distribution Models, Materials, Minimum Cost

Penulis: Lambang Basri Said, Hanafi Ashad, Iskandar Burhanuddin, Suriati Abd. Muin

Artikel ini telah dipublikasikan pada Australian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences (AJBAS), Vol. 9 No. 23 Juli 2015. ISSN: 1991-8178. Hal. 13-21.

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