Makassar, – Universitas Muslim Indonesia (UMI) Makassar, Indonesia held a meeting with the University College of the Pahang Foundation (UCYP), Malaysia via video conference zoom, Tuesday, February 23, 2021.

The meeting discussed the implementation of cooperation between UMI and UCYP, Malaysia.

Rector of UMI Prof. Dr. H. Basri Modding, SE., M.Sc., expressed his wishes to be able to stay in touch and collaborate with lecturers and staff of UCYP Pahang, Malaysia.

We really hope to work well with UCYP Pahang, Malaysia that he believes can provide positive values in the development of UMI.

UMI has been working on the international collaboration towards the internationalization of the university. Alhamdulillah today we communicate with the leaders of UCYP Pahang, Malaysia. This will certainly be able to produce new innovations in improving Human Resources quality and international recognition of both universities, he hoped.

On the same occasion the Vice Chancellor of UCYP Pahang, Prof. Emeritus Dato Dr. Ahmad Bin Haji Zainuddin stated in his remarks that the discussion regarding the student exchange mechanism between UMI and UCYP and the full scholarships offer for UMI’s lecturers to for Ph.D studies at the University College of the Pahang Foundation, Malaysia will be processed soon.

We are also interested in collaborating in the field of Fisheries and Agricultural Sciences, by forming an International Food Center. This collaboration is expected to find new solutions and ideas in Indonesian and Malaysian food issues.

Furthermore, we really hope that the mutually agreed MoU can be applied well and will encourage new creative and beneficial ideas that can further strengthen our two institutions.

Deputy Chancellor for Academic Advancement & Quality Assistance Prof. Ts. Dr. Hafizan Binti Mat Som introduced a study program at UCYP Pahang, Malaysia to be offered to UMI for the student exchange programs.

At the end of his presentation, Dr. Hafizan also offers 7 additional collaboration points in improving the quality of Students, Lecturers, and Educational Resources.

Vice Rector 1 UMI Dr. Ir. H. Hanafi Ashad, MT., IPM. responded that to lecturers at UMI, they have to have at least a master’s degree so those who are potential and qualified for the PhD program application will be encouraged to apply for a scholarship at UCYP Pahang.

Furthermore, the vice rector stressed that in the last two years UMI no longer accepts lecturers with Masters qualifications but we require Doctoral degrees, said Hanafi Ashad.

Vice Rector V of UMI Prof. Dr. Ir. HM Hattah Fattah, MS., Added that our students in semester IV or V are subsequently required to take courses in other study programs based on the regulation of the minister of education regarding “Merdeka Belajar dan Kampus Merdeka” (freely translated as freedom in study and Independent Campuses) so that it is hoped that through this collaboration these students can participate in the Transfer Credit Program at UCYP Pahang Malaysia.

In addition, UMI in the 2021/2022 academic year will hold an international class for Management, Accounting, Law, Pharmacy, and Medical Professions Study Programs. UCYP Pahang will be one of the partner universities. In regards to the double degree programs, a curriculum matching will begin soon. Thus, UMI’s students have the opportunity to get a double degree from UMI and UCYP. Matching the curriculum is an important step in the implementation of Merekda Belajar dan Kampus Merdeka.

The professor of the Faculty of Fisheries & Marine Sciences at UMI also added that the collaboration of lecturers can also be improved by conducting joint research and supervision for doctoral students in both institutions.

We hope that the implementation of the MoU can further improve the quality of the two institutions and in the near future this collaboration can be realized soon, de added.