Makassar, – UMI held a virtual meeting with the head quarter of South Sulawesi’s Community Organization or well known as BPP KKSS, Friday 19 February 2021.

In this meeting, the discussion was regarding the design of the collaboration between Universitas Muslim Indonesia and the BPP KKSS in the area of cultural sustainability.

In his remarks, the Rector Prof. Dr. H. Basri Modding, SE., M.Si. said that he was delighted to be able to stay in touch with BPP KKSS.

Furthermore, he said that the cooperation should be not only in cultural issues but also in many other areas including a mutual relationship with the South Sulawesis’ intellectual figures nationally and internationally to assist UMI with fruitful advices and participate in the internationalization of the university.

In terms of reputation, UMI has been well known as the first private university accredited A outside Java Island. For the ranking, UMI has been ranked 64 out of 2136 universities in Indonesia and 79 in the Webometrics version of Indonesian universities, explained the former Director of PPs UMI.

Prof. Basri Modding also emphasized that UMI belongs to the people of South Sulawesi, therefore, please make a contribution with ideas that advance human resources in UMI, especially South Sulawesi.

On the same occasion, the Chairman of BPP KKSS H. Muchlis Patahna, SH., M.Kn. said that he was very happy for the virtual meeting because the purpose of BPP KKSS established is to maintain and sustain the cultural values of South Sulawesi anywhere.

BPP KKSS has large members reaching 15 million people nationally and internationally. So the organization has abundant human resources recognized world widely.

We really appreciated and expressed our gratitude to the rector and the academic community of UMI for helping us maintain cultural values of South Sulawesi, he concluded.

Vice Rector 5 of UMI Prof. Dr. Ir. H. M. Hattah Fattah, MS., believed that this collaboration can benefit both parties and the development of South Sulawesi. This cooperation was enormous energy for the progress of South Sulawesi and of course to people of South Sulawesi who are currently dwelling overseas.

H. Jusuf Kalla will launch the JK Research Center, an organization dedicated to the sustainability of the noble values of Bugis Makassar culture.

There was a message from Mr. H. Jusuf Kalla saying that we should oversee the transformation of cultural values and character traits to strengthen the commitment of unifying Indonesia and remember the past history of the glories of Bugis Makassar, he explained.

The chairman of the Expert Council of BPP KKSS Dr. M. Jafar Hafsah responded that the diaspora of KKSS around the world should crystallize the philosophical values of the ancestors of the Bugis Makassar, Mandar and Toraja into values that underlie their daily attitudes. “A number of programs can be synergized, such as the annual meeting of Bugis Makassar intellectuals and Bugis Makassar Merchants Meeting” said Jafar.

The secretary of the Expert Council Prof. Dr. M. Nur Sadik and Deputy Chairman Prof. Awaluddin Tjalla agreed that the sharing program between KKSS and UMI can benefit us all.

“The cooperation should be focusing on the achievable results,” added Sadik.

The chairman of Trustee Board of UMI Prof. Mansyur Ramli, said that it is important for UMI and KKSS to create strategic partnership programs to empower human resources of South Sulawesi. “UMI and KKSS must transform and create innovation that can assist the society to fulfill their daily needs” he said.