UMI Makassar – Institute of Dakwah Development & Islamic Campus (LPDKI) trains 30 employees of UMI on Counseling Techniques (8/11) in the Hall of Prof.Dr.Hj.Masrurah Mokhtar, M.A. It is attended by Vice Rector III for students affairs Prof.Dr.H.Achmad Gani, SE, M.Si, who presents “Sensitivity and Concern for UMI” material at once.

Vice Rector III for students’ affairs Prof.Dr.H.Achmad Gani, SE, M.Si expresses readiness to support any activities performed by LPDKI UMI. The support is granted to the institutional development of UMI.

“If LPDKI does activities, should not be criticized, but other units should also carry out different activities,” he hoped.

It is also said that educational counseling is crucial for students’ services of UMI. Therefore, participants are expected to have strong integrity and qualified capacity. Moreover, emotion must also be maintained when facing students. It is vital for the leader, including the head of student affairs. Even the leader must have a sense of sensitivity and concern for the advancement of UMI.

(Humas UMI)