Permanent Lecturer of UMI, Prof. Dr. Mursalim, SE., M.Si., Akt, CA., CPAI., CSP., ASEAN CPA, receive the first accounting professor in LLDIKTI IX Sulawesi region. Prof Mursalim, the head of master program accounting and person in charge of CPA Test Center Postgraduate UMI.

The referral of Professor SK (TMT. 1st October 2019) was held on Tuesday, 31/12/2019 at LLDIKTI IX Sulawesi region. It was directly given by the chief of LLDIKTI IX Sulawesi region, Prof. Dr. Jasruddin M.Si

Mursalim was the permanent lecturer of Wakaf UMI Foundation since 1997 in Economic Faculty, Accounting major. He graduated as the first-generation undergraduate of Accounting in 1997 in Economic Faculty (1991-1994) and completed an undergraduate in accounting major in Universitas Islam Indonesia (UII) Yogyakarta as ambassador UMI in exchange lecturer program cooperated with FE UMI and FE UII Yogyakarta in 1994-1996.

He was born in Pinrang, 5th June 1971. He applied for postgraduate at Accounting Sciences Magister Program in Universitas Diponegoro in 2003 with the best graduation predicate and accelerated (Summa cumlaude), IPK 4.0, study program 16 months. Based on the achievement, the leader of UMI, gave the opportunity for a study program to the accounting profession in 2003, and graduated with cumlaude predicate. The last, doctoral program (S3) on Accounting Science in Universitas Diponegoro, Central java in 2004 by the full support of BPPS Dikti RI scholarship. He graduated from the doctoral study in 2007.

Prof. Mursalim wrote Dissertation titiled “Simultanitas Aktivisme Institusional, Struktur Kepemilikan, Kebijakan Dividen dan Kebijakan Utang dalam mengurangi Agency Problem (Studi Empiris pada Perusahaan Go Publik di Indonesia)”, and other profession degree was achieved during 2010-2019.

“Thank Allah SWT over the huge mandate, be grateful to all leaders of UMI, the academic community, and the big family. Based on the data in LLDIKTI, Mursalim is appointed as the first accounting professor in LLDIKTI IX Region Sulawesi. It is a pride an honor personally and for the institution that UMI as the institutional agency, created the first accounting professor in LLDIKTI IX”, he stated. Furthermore, he said that the huge mandate as well as though burden and responsibility to implement in UMI, business institutions, the government, and a wide range community. Amiin.