Makassar, – Universitas Muslim Indonesia (UMI) has been consistently to evolve to be the best. Recently the university has been listed in the world’s top 100 best world universities in the category of Islamic universities. Previously, UMI has been included in the top 100 of best universities in Indonesia according to the Ministry of Education and Culture and Webometrics versions.

There are 408 universities listed around the world, UMI is in the 98th position. This achievement proves that UMI is a reputable private university that has gained its national and international recognition. This achievement could also be the evidence that UMI has met the quality standards of higher education governance regionally and globally especially in the Islamic institution category.

The Rector of UMI, Prof. Dr. Basri Modding, S.E, M.Si said that UMI’s achievement in the Unirank ranking version was due to UMI’s commitment and consistency in applying Islamic values based education and in meeting the principles of national and international university governance.

“Perhaps, this achievement is evident that UMI is well established towards a World Class University,” said the Professor of the Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) UMI by telephone, Sunday (21/2/2021).

In its official statement, Unirank uses three main indicators to classify the ranking of Islamic universities throughout the world.

The three categories are accreditation from ministry of education and culture, managing undergraduate students and postgraduate students, and implementing traditional, face-to-face, in person learning.

“Referring to the 3 indicators, UMI has managed to meet the criteria as an Islamic Higher Education with international reputation. I believe that good universities have to meet the three criteria and UMI has been doing really hard and well to meet the criteria” said Prof. Basri Modding.