The top management of Universitas Muslim Indonesia (UMI) take the corona endemic seriously. Following the UMI Rector’s Instruction Letter number 0705 / F.01 / UMI / III / 2020 regarding the prevention of the coronavirus (COVID-19) spread in the University, the rector then issued a Letter of Appointment for the crisis center team number 709 / H.20 / UMI / III / 2020. The chairperson is Prof.Dr. Ir. H. Hattah Fattah, MS., and the secretary isDr. Ir. H. ZakirSabara, ST., MT., Asean. Eng. They are supported by some members.

The crisis center team today (17/3) was holding a meeting at UMI Tower level 9 (16/3). It was started with the address from the Rector, Prof. Dr. H. Basri Modding,MSi.

The two-hour meeting (13.00-15.00) resulted in the design of strategic measuresto prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus at the university, rectoratebuilding, and off-campus public facilities. The meeting decided the establishment of 4 Covid-19 health screening check points: the entrance gate of campus 2, campus 1-Faculty of Dentistry of UMI, UMI Tower and Postgraduate Program Campus. This was conveyed by the chair of the crisis center team, Prof.Dr. Ir. H. Hatta Fattah, MS., in his office after attending the meeting.

He continued that each check point was assigned with 8 medical teams consisting of lecturers and students. The team members are chosen from different faculties of UMI. They will be on duty every day for health screening for covid-19. “Every person who enters the university must be screened by the medical team”, said Prof. Hattah who is also the vice rector Vof UMI.

Furthermore, the prevention of corona outbreak by UMI is currently at the sterilisation phase at the university premises. It is done by cleaning and spraying disinfectants to the campus facilities and public facilities outside the campus. Prof. Hattah, his nickname, also strongly suggested to the entire UMI’sstaffs and students.  He asserted that during the lockdown of the university up until April 5, 2020, everyone should not travel, and visit crowds unless it is very important. Furthermore, he stated that it is urgent to maintain self-cleanliness, prioritize healthy life style. Every single person has to protect themselves, their family and the environment and do not forget to put trust on Allah SWT. Finally he closed the interview by saying that do not forget to improve the god consciousness and pray that may the corona outbreak will end soon and cause no more victims.