The Vice President of RI, Prof.Dr.K.H. Ma’ruf Amin said claimed his presence in the ceremony of the 66 th Milad UMI on 23 rd June 2020 in UMI Makassar. It was delivered when accepting Silaturrahmi of Rector Universitas Muslim Indonesia (UMI), Prof. Dr. H. Basri Modding, SE., MSi, along with the Chief supervisor YW UMI, Prof. Dr. H. Mansyur Ramly, SE., Msi, the Chief executive, YW UMI Dr. (HC). H.M. Mokhtar Noer Jaya, SE., MSi, Vice executive for YW UMI, Prof. Dr. Hj Masrurah Mokhtar, MA., WR I Dr. Ir. H. Hanafi Ashad, MT., WR V Prof. Dr. Ir. H. Hattah Fattah, MS and Chief of Public Relations UMI Dr. Hj. Nurjannah Abna, M.Pd., in Vice President palace at Medan Merdeka street Jakarta (9/1).

“it is a gratitude for the UMI invitation to attend the 66th Milad and it is such honor for the Honoris Cause conferment for me delivered by UMI Management Syariah”, said Vice President RI, Prof. Dr. KH. Ma’ruf Amin MA.

“ We proud of the development and the advancement of UMI as well as represented the advancement of Islamic high education. The advancement of UMI necessarily appreciated as the first private high education out of Java that achieved An accreditation institution. UMI founded by the religious figures, kings, public figure, and fellow organized by Waqf approachment became the pioneer for the based-economical society development through Syariah management”. The vice president said.

Explained more by Vice President, recently, the contribution of Infaq, alms, and waqf could contribute more to decrease the poverty to 50%. Indonesia has great potential to be the center of international halal product.

Two main concerns in education urgently to synergize, were the competency and the national commitment that should be reach altogether.

Meanwhile, Rector UMI stated that Silaturahmi of the leader of UMI with vice president was asking his willingness to attend in the 66th Milad UMI on 22nd June 2020 at 19.30 WITA and on 23rd June 2020, the agenda for scientific oration as well the conferment of Honoris Causa in management Syariah concentration. In the last, to open officially National meeting of optimization of waqf potential in the inclusive growth economy.

Furthermore, UMI had an outstanding character education program that has been being implemented since 20 yeas ago. The students obligated to join the short time-boarding school for three days and Pencerahan Qalbu program at Darul Mukhlisin Padang Lampe UMI Student Boarding School for thirty days, the Professor of Economic and Bussiness faculty of UMI said.

On that occasion, Rector UMI turned over the book about Character building Model to Vice President that expected to be the reference for the Ministry of National Education in character building among students and college students in Indonesia.